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The ultimate retreat experience

Namaste the Retreat is an ideal place to discover Nepal's rich blend of culture and breath-taking landscapes. Only two-hour drive from the busting streets of Kathmandu, you find yourself in the midst of a traditional Nepalese village. 

Palanchowk Village is home to the 18-armed Hindu goddess, Bhagawati, the Protectors, said to perspire in the event of an impending crisis, the Goddess draws pilgrims from across the ...

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Be surrounded by culture in our rooms. Each one is different from the other in terms of structure and design, Our brick bungalows are styled to evoke a typical Nepalese home.

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Enjoy and get in touch with your love ones with our free wifi service. We Provide you a fast and high bandwidth internet.


Begin your stay with our lovely and tasty breakfast made in a Nepalese traditional Style. With a view that touches your heart.

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