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About Sunkoshi Retreat Nepal

Namaste the Retreat is an ideal place to discover Nepal's rich blend of culture and breath-taking landscapes. Only two-hour drive from the busting streets of Kathmandu, you find yourself in the midst of a traditional Nepalese village. 

Palanchowk Village is home to the 18-armed Hindu goddess, Bhagawati, the Protectors, said to perspire in the event of an impending crisis, the Goddess draws pilgrims from across the as far away as India to beg her protection. You will be surrounded by culture when you stay in one of our brick bungalows-styled to evoke a typical Nepalese panorama of the Himalayas and the countryside.

We are promoting a concept of ecotourism that focuses on the natural environment of a Palanchowk. We believe in a sustainable approach that protects and ideally enhances the biological state, ecosystems and native fauna of the place. Being with us you will explore to get inside inclusive of people, culture and nature. The financial return of this is recycled back protection measures, and provides education programs for locals and visitors. We intend to provide a living as well as developing a respect for culture and the environment. It is the combination of traditional tourism without the destructive effects on people and environment. It harnesses the beauty of nature and culture to create a unique experience and awareness for both visitors and those in the industry.