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Kavre can be a good location for those who want to cycle. In recent days, Mountain biking tour has become a boom in Nepal. It is a great adventure and a perfect way to discover Nepal’s great diverse landscape and breathtaking mountain views, tremendous terrain, tracks, trails, gently rolling chains of hills, trails with terraced fields of rice, subtropical forests, picturesque villages, unique people and their culture in Sathighar villalge and dandagaun. Here you’ll be introduced to spectacular views, and original country side. You’ll take to the quiet, rolling roads of the Nepal’s geography that offers incredible terrain that’s an explosion to pedal for cycling experts. There is an incredible variety of scenery, cycling trails, and carefully terraced hillsides. Biking around palanchowk  village offers one of the most exciting experiences with some tough climbs, technical lineages, fast, flowy single track, and the most spectacular views you can imagine.