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Responsible Tourism

Volunteer and community participation

Sanitation and environment awareness education program

The tourist will work with the village development committee and make an effort to clean the environment around the Palanchowk area. They will then with the help of a translator talk with local people about environment and sanitation awareness program. We can jointly come up with ideas that help the villagers to keep the environment clean and green. For example, placing dustbins on every interval and discussing ways of keeping the environment clean. The tourist will then focuses on the daily living live of villagers regarding efficient sustainable water supply and sanitation services for the villagers. It covers areas such as water service, sanitation, and environment. As a volunteer, tourist will have an opportunity to learn more about their reality and be able to educate them about these issues.

Environment and Health program

Tourist will have the opportunity to explore the environment and at the same time visit the Pahari Village, approximately 4km from The Retreat. The villagers live and cultivate on land owned by the Temple. In return the villagers take turns and bring fresh flower to the temple every morning. Tourist will also be provided with the chance to look at the villager’s home and their lifestyle.

Animal livestock and agriculture program

This program will provide a brief overview of the basic concepts of traditional village farmer, fields and their day to day life on farming. It will also provide an opportunity for the tourist to participate in the fields along with farmers and understand about their own needs and local conditions. You will be assigned with the different farmers and get knowledge about how to farm rice, wheat, sugarcane, Mustard, depending on the season. 

Education and Gender program

This will offer our guest, a unique opportunity to teach English, science, history, math, environment etc, to the village students, in a village high school for a day. The course contents and teaching techniques will have been discussed. Tourist can also participate in other activities such as health post training or learning techniques of the traditional black smiths and shoemakers. The tourist can live as a family member in a local home and stay for one night. The families have received training on how to accommodate guests. Families will serve the evening supper. You will be eating organic meals and most of the vegetables are even grown locally.